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The harmonic wizard, Wizardom, is a frequency shifting, multidimensional Artist AKA Giuliano Avedikian.

There is a school of thought that believes that our challenges in life actually become the gifts we end up sharing with the world. This is certainly true for Giuliano, growing up as a shy introvert he had a lot of problems speaking up, using his voice and sharing himself.

In the late 1990’s he embarked on a self-development journey and followed his childhood dream of becoming an actor. He studied performing arts for 5 years and in that time fell in love with singing.
Wanting to improve his confidence speaking publicly, he joined Rostrum in 2018 and Toastmasters in 2005. After almost 14 years of study he decided it was time to put into practice what he’d learnt and embrace his own style.


"Wizardom exposes a sense of raw vulnerability that will take you through a range of emotions as you listen."

-Real Songwriters of Melbourne

 A mixture of vulnerable, authentic (and sometimes even awkward) but with a strong message, Giuliano realised that being his true self connected more with audiences than following the styles of other more polished speakers. 

‘Wizardom’ came to Giuliano in a dream but it took him years to build the confidence to bring the wizard to life, with the official birth at his debut show “Ageless” on the 2019 summer solstice. Performing, speaking and writing as 'Wizardom’ allowed him to connect with the more confident parts of himself yet embrace both the light and dark aspects as well..

His performances share his life journey through singing, acting, storytelling and visual elements of fantasy, magic, folklore and the esoteric. Here to inspire, educate and entertain, his music infuses uplifting, spiritual, vulnerable and thought provoking lyrics.

As the music industry ground to a halt during the pandemic, Wizardom  transitioned online, performing his first online show “Songs from my Digital Cave” in June 2020 and following up with his10 week online show called “Wizardom Channel” connecting music, guest speakers and education. In between lockdowns he performed with Madame Nightingale and was on the bill at the Bergy Seltzer in Melbourne.


As the music industry has opened up again, he made his comeback at the "Hillscene Live Arts festival" on Nov 19th 2022 with his new transmission "Synthcronicity- First Transmission".
His three singles, “Naked” released August 2021, “I’m Different” released March 2022 and "Jigsaw Heart" released August 2022, are all out now on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp. His debut album “Synthcronicity” is coming out early in 2023.

Wizardom looks forward to a big year of sharing his music and message through live and online performances and bringing new merchandise, products and services out into the world.

Follow your magic!!

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